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Investment advice

Sat at breakfast with a group of friends (who are now angel investors and haven’t worked an office job in over a decade).

The bill arrives, and I kind of owed everyone a lunch in one form or another, so as I pick up the bill I quip “I guess I’m getting this seeing as I’m the only one at the table that is employed with an actual paying job.”

Oh how we laughed…

It’s Really Hard In The Morning

The hard part of being an entrepreneur isn’t thinking up lots of neat ideas to build.

The hard part is just focusing on one neat idea that can be built.

As Opposed To Nasty, Brutal And Short…

I communicate (a lot) and a I cook (a lot).

I am a firm believer that most email communication should be made like a finely crafted chef’s knife. Sharp, short and to the fucking point.

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