Accelerated development

Potential CEOs, please do not ever utter the words “and then we’ll hopefully get in to an accelerator” when pitching me to be your CTO.

You just sound incredibly naive.

After founding six start-ups, after being early hire at six other start-ups, after advising, mentoring and helping grow dozens more start-ups, and after delivering hundreds of digital product experiences and services, joining an accelerator is the last thing I am interested in.

I still have a lot to learn, but I am not going to learn it joining an accelerator.

I am going to learn it by getting my hands dirty and building something.

“But… but… the connections! We get access to people.”

Oh really? Who do you want to talk to? I’ll call them for you – I keep their direct numbers and Skype names in my phone.

And if I don’t know them, I’ll figure out a way to get to know them.

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