Glacial movement

Big breaks on the road to success are like glaciers.

Big breaks come very slowly over time.


Last week the glacier was over there.

Yesterday the glacier was over there.

Today the glacier was over there.

And tomorrow we expect the same glacier to still be over there.

You’re working hard, every day, doing all the right things and many of the wrong things, and nothing seems to work.

There’s no “Aha!” moment.

And then, one day, you look up from your hard work when someone interrupts you by saying “Hey, what’s the secret to being as successful as you are?”

You think, “Me, a success? I’m not a success. I’m just here, running as fast as I can to stay in place, trying to figure out how to be a success.”

We look over to the glacier and notice it is no longer where we last saw it.

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