Gravity is a harsh teacher

Gravitational centres.

A small cluster of bars and restaurants and suddenly the local area has nightlife.

A smattering of boutique clothing stores and all the young, hip skinny people show up.

A couple of good coffee shops within a three block radius and suddenly we are flocked by hipsters.


That last one is probably a bad example.

But… gravitational centres.

You don’t move to Bumblefudge, Nebraska and complain about the lack of acting jobs in big budget films.

Where do you go?


You want to work in advertising?

Then Madison Avenue (is that still a thing) is your destination.

Always gravitational centres.

You want funding for your start-up?

Where do you go?

You want to hire the best tech workers for your start-up?

Where do you go?

Now if only someone could convince me that taking their investment money would be worth the risk, we might find synergy. 🙂

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