It’s not yet quitting time

A through Z.

I have several channels I communicate with people through.

Email, phone calls, coffee meetings, blog posts, LinkedIn status updates.

Each day I focus on one channel.

And I go A through Z.

I write out 26 letters as bullet points.

I do 26 positive things in that channel.

And then I stop.

Then I go do whatever takes my fancy – writing, playing guitar, building something electronic, design some furniture, write some software, take a walk, more emails, more phone calls, cooking.

But I don’t do any of whatever takes my fancy until I’ve put an item I have completed next to each letter of the alphabet.

26 separate, positive things in whatever channel I am trying to communicate.

A daily habit to do better, to do more, to move forward, to deliver, to ship.


Through Z.

P.S. This blog post is letter P by the way. Ten more blog posts to go before I quit for the day.

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