Millenial self-actualization

A lot of people write about Millenials and what they want.

But the one thing I have observed with Millenials above all other generations, even my own, is the desire for personal growth.

The one thing that the internet has shown the Millenial generation is that there is a world of opportunity and experiences out there that other people are having, so why aren’t you having some of that?


I live for growth.

If I have ever felt a job or the culture at a company (when I directly worked for companies) is holding me back, if there is no opportunity to grow and learn and experience, then I wish the company adios and move on.

Imagine that feeling instilled in an entire generation.

A lot of people have wanted this for themselves, but they have buckled under the social pressure.

The internet shows the new generations “I’m doing it, why not you?”

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