Penetrating Questions

Questions To Ask Before Taking That Job At A Start-Up

There’s a lot of questions you can ask before you take that tempting job offer from that hot little start-up you just interviewed at.

All of the questions that have stood me in good stead over the years are listed below.

This isn’t a definitive list. It is a starting point. There are an endless list of question you can ask and seek answers too.

The one thing you want, when asking questions and seeking answers, is hard, concrete data. Any answers that are hand wavy “magic happens here” or they don’t have a clear answer you can understand, should raise some very large red flags.

It is better to have an “I don’t know” answer to a question than a long, rambling pitch.

Tell me about the background of the founding team?

Can I see the financials of the company?

Does the start-up have enough cash to sustain itself, including its current team size and expansion plans, for another year?

Tell me about the idea that forms the basis of the start-up?

How many times have you pivoted?

Do you see yourself pivoting in the future?

Tell me about your traction?

What can the start-up do for me?

What is the roadmap, including a step by step plan, for the next five years?

What is your burn rate?

Do you have any revenue?

Where will you find your first customers? Assuming they don’t have any yet.

How will you capitalize your existing market share?

How will you attract market share from your competitors?

Do you have a revenue plan?

Where are you in your funding?

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