The one time you cannot fake it until you make it

Do you think anybody could learn to swim if they never get in the water?

How often have you met anyone who is a good swimmer but has never put even their big toe in to a body of water larger than a bath tub?

The likelihood of running in to someone(given that nobody is in possession of a comically sized, over-large bathtub) who can profess to be a good swimmer that has never gotten in to a pool or a lake or other large body of water is vanishingly small.

The epitomeĀ of “fake it until you make it.”

Perhaps they are waiting to encounter the perfectly proportioned body of water – not too deep, not too wide.

Perhaps they are waiting for a body of water that is just the right temperature.

Perhaps they have found the properly sized body of water that makes them feel comfortable.

And it is of an ideal temperature.

But you know, they just have to now locate the right jumping off point.

Shouldn’t be too hasty when looking for the right jumping off point.

The point about swimming is that you cannot learn “the how of swimming” without actually getting in the water.

This is a metaphor of how to launch a start-up.

And the only question I have for you is, “Why are you still dry?”

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